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A tattoo can serve many purposes. It can remind you of simpler times. It can help you show off your unique style. It can serve as your personal guide, reminding you to stay the course when life gets rough.

If you want to embrace every bit of who you are with a tattoo or piercing, visit Exodus Tattoo & Pierce, a custom tattoo and piercing shop in East Windsor, Connecticut. We've been in the area for over 18 years, and many of our artists have over a decade of experience. Express yourself in the most unique way possible. Visit Exodus Tattoo & Pierce today.

Stick out from the crowd with a new tattoo or piercing

Whether you want a big, bold tattoo or a small one, you'll get a one-of-a-kind tattoo from one of our talented artists. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our tattoo artists in East Windsor, Connecticut. If you want a body piercing, call us (860) 623-8777 to let our experienced piercer know.

3 things you should know about our tattoo shop

Exodus Tattoo & Pierce is committed to quality in every aspect. Our tattoo artists can do everything from small wrist tattoos to large back tattoos. Here's what you should know about Exodus Tattoo & Pierce:

  1. We have four tattoo artists and a professional piercer on staff. Each artist has a unique style. You'll work exclusively with an artist who matches your vision.
  2. We specialize in tattoo cover-ups and fix-ups. Cover up that tattoo from when you were 18 with something more special and attractive or fix an old piece.
  3. We recommend you schedule an appointment. We want to allocate enough time to design and complete your tattoo, especially if it has an elaborate design.
Bring in any artwork you have to serve as inspiration for your new ink. We'll work together to create the perfect design for your custom tattoo. Contact our shop in East Windsor, CT today for your new tattoo or piercing (860) 623-8777